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“..a sweet, memorable tale of siblings and secret childhood yearnings that will ring true for anyone who remembers his or her own Christmases past.” -BookPage December ’02 Issue

“Upon reading Bill Duncliffe’s book “Christmas Past” consider your Christmas shopping done… this is THE BOOK for the holiday season. In fact, I do believe this book is the book to give for any occasion. I have never been so moved. “-

Kathy Patrick of The Pulpwood Queens
featured on “Good Morning America”, Newsweek, Time and the Wall Street Journal

“…full of humor, humanity and good old-fashioned Christmas memories … a sweet-souled, slim little volume that says “Merry Christmas” much better than a card.”

-Carolyn Howard Johnson
award-winning author of “This is the Place” and “Harkening: A Collection of Short Stories”

“Duncliffe vividly portrays his main character’s entire family in his christmas novel, “Christmas Past”. It’s those details that makes the story come alive as if the reader is right there in the McNeil household, on Christmas eve, as they anxiously await the fate of the patriarch’s job…This story is extremely visual, entirely realistic, and will make you reflect upon your own family and your own “Christmas Past”s…”
-Yankee Christmas

“The 1960’s. The last generation before the nuclear family began to atomize. A family in crisis. Christmas around the corner. Dave McNeil, 12-year old chronicler of his family’s adventure, takes you back for a touching, warm and humorous remembrance of the times and his remarkable family.”

“But, Santa or no Santa, presents were still on the dance card for this Christmas. I was enormously relieved when I digested my mother’s uttering (if not her cooking) since it meant that the presents had already been bought and that Dad’s job status, one way or the other, would have no effect on our, or more importantly my, Yuletide haul. Yippee!

The prospects of receiving the gift of my choice, so recently dimmed, now brightened again. My dream gift, the all-time, all-gift gift, the gift of a lifetime was the official, autographed model, All-Star, Triple Crown Carl Yastrzemski fielder’s glove. Indeed it was the dream gift, the all-time, all-gift gift, gift of a lifetime for well nigh every boy that age in those climes that year. Every boy-jack one of us had dreamed ourselves to sleep those last few months with the thoughts of the official, autographed model, All-Star, Triple Crown Carl Yastrzemski fielder’s glove gracing a hallowed place amid the mere flotsam and jetsam of other, lesser presents. It was widely known that possession of the sacred icon would make the inept invincible, the weak a warrior, the chump a champion.

The gloom and doom of our household that evening had cast a chilly wet blanket on the fire of my dreams. And yet, at the last moment, the last out, bottom of the ninth, just like the mighty Yaz leading the Impossible Dream Cardiac Kids to another improbable come-from-behind victory, my mother’s timely words had blown life into the still embers of my desire. Huge sighs of relief blew my chest up and down like a furiously pumping bellows.”

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DUI with Property Damage or Injury to another person .It makes harm property or another person if it is a bad behavior to drive disabled.

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A Christmas tree

The evergreen fir tree has customarily been utilized to commend winter celebrations (agnostic and Christian) for a large number of years. Agnostics utilized parts of it to improve their homes amid the winter solstice, as it made them think about the spring to come. The Romans utilized Fir Trees to adorn their sanctuaries at the celebration of Saturnalia. Christians utilize it as an indication of everlasting existence with God.

No one is extremely certain when Fir trees were first utilized as Christmas trees. It most likely started around 1000 years back in Northern Europe. Numerous early Christmas Trees appear to have been hung topsy turvy from the roof utilizing chains (swung from ceiling fixtures/lighting snares).

Other early Christmas Trees, crosswise over numerous parts of northern Europe, were cherry or hawthorn plants (or a part of the plant) that were put into pots and brought inside so they would ideally bloom at Christmas time. On the off chance that you couldn’t manage the cost of a genuine plant, individuals made pyramids of woods and they were finished to resemble a tree with paper, apples and candles. Some of the time they were conveyed from house to house, as opposed to being shown in a home.

It’s conceivable that the wooden pyramid trees were intended to resemble Paradise Trees. These were utilized in medieval German Mystery or Miracle Plays that were carried on before Churches on Christmas Eve. In early church schedules of holy people, 24th December was Adam and Eve’s day. The Paradise Tree spoke to the Garden of Eden. It was regularly strutted around the town before the play began, as a method for publicizing the play. The plays disclosed to Bible stories to individuals who couldn’t read.

The primary recorded utilization of a tree at Christmas and New Year festivities is contended between the urban communities of Tallinn in Estonia and Riga in Latvia! Both case that they had the principal trees; Tallinn in 1441 and Riga in 1510. The two trees were set up by the ‘Fraternity of Blackheads’ which was a relationship of neighborhood unmarried dealers, send proprietors, and nonnatives in Livonia (what is currently Estonia and Latvia).

Little is thought about either tree separated from that they were placed in the town square, were moved around by the Brotherhood of Blackheads and were then determined to flame. This resembles the custom of the Yule Log. The word utilized for the ‘tree’ could likewise mean a pole or post, tree may have been similar to a ‘Heaven Tree’ or a tree-formed wooden candelabra as opposed to a ‘genuine’ tree.

In the town square of Riga, the capital of Latvia, there is a plaque which is engraved with “The First New Year’s Tree in Riga in 1510”, in eight dialects.

A photo from Germany in 1521 which demonstrates a tree being strutted through the lanes with a man riding a steed behind it. The man is dressed a religious administrator, perhaps speaking to St. Nicholas.


In 1584, the antiquarian Balthasar Russow expounded on a convention, in Riga, of a brightened fir tree in the market square where the young fellows “ran with a run of ladies and ladies, first sang and moved there and after that set the tree afire”. There’s a record of a little tree in Breman, Germany from 1570. It is depicted as a tree adorned with “apples, nuts, dates, pretzels and paper blooms”. It was shown in an ‘organization house’ (the gathering place for a general public of agents in the city).

The main individual to bring a Christmas Tree into a house, in the manner in which we know it today, may have been the sixteenth century German evangelist Martin Luther. A story is informed that, one night before Christmas, he was strolling through the timberland and admired see the stars radiating through the tree limbs. It was beautiful to the point, that he went home and told his kids that it helped him to remember Jesus, who left the stars of paradise to come to earth at Christmas. A few people say this is indistinguishable tree from the ‘Riga’ tree, however it isn’t! The Riga tree initially occurred a couple of decades sooner.

The custom of having Christmas trees could well have gone along the Baltic ocean, from Latvia to Germany. In the 1500s, the nations which are presently Germany and Latvia were them a player in two bigger domains which were neighbors.

Another story says that St. Boniface of Crediton (a town in Devon, UK) left England and made a trip to Germany to lecture the agnostic German clans and convert them to Christianity. He is said to have gone over a gathering of agnostics going to forfeit a young man while venerating an oak tree. In outrage, and to stop the forfeit, St. Boniface is said to have chopped down the oak tree and, surprisingly, a youthful fir tree jumped up from the foundations of the oak tree. St. Boniface accepting this as an indication of the Christian confidence and his devotees adorned the tree with candles so St. Boniface could lecture the agnostics around evening time.

Once on a chilly Christmas Eve night, a forester and his family were in their house assembled round the fire to keep warm. All of a sudden there was a thump on the entryway. At the point when the forester opened the entryway, he found a poor young man remaining on the entryway step, lost and alone. The forester invited him into his home and the family nourished and washed him and put him to bed in the most youthful children claim bed (he needed to impart to his sibling that night!). The following morning, Christmas Morning, the family were woken up by a choir of holy messengers, and the poor young man had transformed into Jesus, the Christ Child. The Christ Child went into the front garden of the bungalow and severed a branch a Fir tree and offered it to the family as a present to state thank you for taking care of him. So as far back as them, individuals have recollected that night by bringing a Christmas Tree into their homes!

In Germany, the primary Christmas Trees were enhanced with palatable things, for example, gingerbread and gold secured apples. At that point glass creators made unique little trimmings like a portion of the designs utilized today. In 1605 an obscure German stated: “At Christmas they set up fir trees in the parlors of Strasbourg and hang subsequently roses cut out of colorful paper, apples, wafers, gold thwart, desserts, and so forth.”



Chrismas -A true Joy

Christmas is one of the significant celebrations celebrated by the individuals over the globe. Everybody appreciates a social occasion on this day. All the legislative and non-administrative associations, for example, schools, universities, workplaces and different foundations stay shut on this event. Individuals commend this celebration with incredible excitement and with bunches of arrangements and enhancements.

It is commended each year on 25th of December. It is otherwise called the Feast day of Christ and celebrated in the respect of birth of Jesus Christ. Individuals visit church and offer supplications to the ruler on this day. Christmas is the day of incredible criticalness and bliss for the Christian people group.

Christmas is a significant celebration particularly for the Christians anyway it is praised by the individuals of different religions additionally over the world. It is an antiquated celebration which is commended for a considerable length of time in winter season. It falls each year on 25th of December. It is praised on the birth commemoration of the Jesus Christ.

Designing Christmas Tree

There is an old custom of enlivening Christmas tree on Christmas. Trees like spruce, pine, fir or fake trees are utilized for the embellishment. Individuals appreciate adorning their homes with the Christmas trees. It is improved with bunches of shimmers, tinsels, blessings, chocolates, inflatables, lights and so on to make it look brilliant and excellent. Individuals additionally put cottons for the vibe of day off to make it look increasingly practical.

Presents on Christmas

There is an old custom of disseminating presents by Santa Claus at mid night on Christmas to each tyke. It is accepted that Santa goes to each house in the night and offers presents to the kids. Kids anxiously trust that Santa will satisfy their desire. They likewise compose their desire, keep in socks and hang it outside trusting Santa will satisfy their desire.

There is additionally a custom of giving presents like desserts, chocolates, welcoming cards, Christmas trees, beautiful things and so on to the relatives, companions, relatives and neighbors. Individuals begin Christmas arrangements well ahead of time with incredible excitement and happiness.

On this day individuals enrich Christmas tree, welcome their companions, relatives and neighbors for blowouts and appropriate presents. It is accepted that Santa Claus touches base on this day and subtly keeps presents for the most faithful youngster in the family. Guardians additionally keep presents for their kids in the night and youngsters get thoroughly enjoyed the morning to get presents from Santa Claus and express gratitude toward him for that.

Every one of the schools, schools, colleges, workplaces and other government and non-government associations stay shut on this day. Everybody appreciates the Christmas occasions by connecting with themselves in different exercises and in Christmas arrangements. Individuals additionally get ready different delights and cooking styles for the enormous day and appreciate the event with their family and companions.

Christmas is the day when there is the party all over noticeable all around. Everybody appreciates the day with gatherings, eats, moving and imparting blessings to every others. Christmas instructs us to spread joy and satisfaction and help everybody, particularly the poor one generally. It causes us to pursue the extraordinary lessons of Jesus Christ and lead a real existence away from sins and distress.

Its time for Jingle Bells to ring

How often have you thought as a tyke that today the Santa Claus will come and offer presents to you? Commonly you may really get them despite the fact that they are available from your family. Such is the furor of Santa Claus and the presents, Christmas trees related with the celebration of Christmas. It is a celebration which pulls in individuals of all confidence towards it. Being one of those celebrations which is broadly praised everywhere throughout the world, it is significant for us to think about this celebration we call Christmas. It has a history to it alongside some checked conventions which oblige it.

Christmas is commended each year on 25th December. It is for the most part the celebration of Christians. Be that as it may, in the present time, the celebration of Christmas has outperformed the religious limits and become an image of the comprehensive culture. The winters in December convey a happy inclination.

More often than not, the festival starts much before the primary day and proceeds for around about fourteen days after that. People observe Christmas to respect the introduction of Jesus Christ. Religious individuals go to chapel and light the candles to go to their God, Jesus Christ.

A celebration that is similarly adored and valued by grown-ups and kids. Individuals additionally bring a Christmas tree to their homes and enhance it with vivid balls, strips, and red socks. Market shops and showrooms show a topic of sparkling red and white hues to set up the Christmas disposition.

On Christmas night, people appreciate a major dining experience and offer presents with one another. Natively constructed customary plum cakes, cupcakes, and biscuits are the extraordinary treats on Christmas. Children are showered with bunches of presents and new dresses. They likewise get the opportunity to meet the ‘Santa Clause Claus’, wearing a fleecy red and white ensemble, who welcomes them with embraces and presents.

Christmas is a celebration of delight. It is tied in with sharing and helping other people. On this day, individuals recall Jesus Christ and his exercises of life. The celebration certainly instructs us to rehearse thoughtfulness and love toward one another and help the individuals who have short of what us.

Christmas is the period of satisfaction, harmony, and joy. It is the extraordinary season put aside to commend the introduction of Jesus Christ. Despite the fact that this was its unique reason, the festival of Christmas has developed to turn into a representative time for living in harmony and love.

Christmas is basically a token of why we should adhere to the most profound pieces of our humankind. That is, through festival, we are reminded that we should share, provide for the less favored, invest energy with friends and family and have an inspirational viewpoint about existence when all is said in done.

A Christmas Day,…

December 25, is a standout amongst the merriest Christian occasions in numerous nations around the globe. It observes Jesus’ introduction to the world.

Christmas Day is an occasion in many, however not all, nations. Numerous homes have Christmas trees and different enhancements in the weeks prompting Christmas Day. A few work environments hold Christmas parties before December 25. Merry exercises incorporate trading presents, singing Christmas tunes, going to parties.

It’s an exceptional time when kids get presents from family, companions and Santa Claus, or Father Christmas. Christmas cards are likewise given or conveyed before Christmas Day.

For a few, Christmas is a selective family undertaking, while others welcome companions to a Christmas smorgasbord or pot fortunes supper. Holy places have unique administrations and may incorporate a crèche or smaller than usual Nativity scene.

What’s Open or Closed?

Christmas Day is an open occasion in numerous nations around the world, including Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom and the United States. Government workplaces, instructive organizations, numerous organizations and post workplaces are shut on this day. In the event that you intend to movement with open transport, check with the neighborhood transport expert on plan changes.

About Christmas Day

Christmas praises the introduction of Jesus Christ, who Christians accept is the child of God. His introduction to the world date is obscure in light of the fact that there is little data about his initial life. There is contradiction among researchers on when Jesus was conceived. Christians observe Jesus’ birthday on December 25. Customary Christians observe Christmas Day on or close January 7.

“Christmas” originates from the early English “Cristes maesse”, or the mass of Christ. It is likely that the Christmas date of December 25 was balanced the Pagan festivals of Saturnalia and Natalis Invicti. It additionally conceivable that the festival of the introduction of the “genuine light of the world” was set at the season of the December solstice since this is the point at which the days in the northern half of the globe start to develop longer. Christmas occasion traditions get from different societies, including Teutonic, Celtic, Roman, West Asian and Christian.

The mistletoe is a regularly utilized Christmas embellishment. By custom, individuals who meet under hanging mistletoe are obliged to kiss. Mistletoe has agnostic affiliations. For instance, the druids of Gaul respected mistletoe developing on oak trees as sent from paradise.

Other basic designs related with Christmas are holly and ivy – both are related with Pagan celebrations as it was standard to enrich with greenery for these celebrations.


Pictures of Santa Claus, otherwise called Father Christmas, snowmen, reindeer, and sweet sticks are found in cards, blurbs, signs and other printed or promoting material related with the Christmas festivities. Pictures of child Jesus, the Christmas star, and different images related with the religious significance of Christmas are likewise observed amid Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.